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by | Jul 7, 2017 | Events

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Through her astounding and highly developed intuitive abilities, Vicki can assist you with unveiling many aspects of your soul's mission. If you are open, Vicki will provide you with detailed information that can greatly assist you with seeing some of your brighter life options.

Nanette Notestein - Create the Kingdom, Inc.

Vicki's gifts as a tarot reader are unlike anyone I've ever come across! Her expert and highly experienced ability to interpret and read the cards themselves is one thing, Add to that her unique gift of channeling the energies around the reading, and you've got a power-packed, incredible session for yourself!

Vicki has also taken tarot reading into advanced levels with her family constellation readings and healings, and her shamanic readings. Both (all) I've found to be revealing, powerful, and extraordinarily healing! She can divine the paths of potentiality in your reading and also give full insight into the energies that obstruct your path, thereby facilitating tremendous growth on a personal level. I highly recommend Vicki's work!

Mona Rain Smith -

Vicki is one of the most highly evolved intuitives I have ever met!  Her readings are soulful and accurate, she is caring and intelligent. She is also an amazing tarot teacher!  I highly recommend her.

Brenda Elizabeth Hollander -

Vicki Santell draws from her gifted intuitive skills as well as her profound and scholarly connection to ancient wisdom. She asissts her clients in visioning and opening new pathways for healing themselves, their loved ones, and the planet. I never hesitate to recommend her to my friends and clients.

- Gail Gorelick, BSc, OM - Shamanic Practitioner -

 Working with Vicki has helped me trust my intuition again. She validated that I was making progress at re-thinking and restructuring my value propositions to my clients, even though the "evidence" hasn't shown up as fully as I'd like it to yet. She helped me see which projects need my full attention and which no longer have enough positive energy to move ahead. She validated that the ones I have the most passion about are indeed the ones with the most chance of success. She confirmed that a new potential business partner is genuine and a good person to trust.

Running a small business is challenging. Vicki Santell's unique ability to read it on a deeper level is extraordinarily helpful. Even if you feel that intuitive guidance is a bit too "woo-woo" for your business, I'd encourage you to have a session anyway, and find out for yourself the value you'll derive. I'd pretty much guarantee you'll discover something that helps you find more success and more joy.

JoAnna Brandi Publisher, The Customer Care Coach -