Transformational Guidance



The Hermit in the practice of Tarot is an ancient sage who toils up the mountain holding a lantern, shining the light down into the darkness below. I approach my work much like the Hermit, with the intention of creating an encouraging environment to explore our shadows and illuminate our higher consciousness. It’s a journey we all share and I believe mutual support is the true pathway to knowledge, growth, and self-awareness.

My work with the art of Tarot encompasses more than five decades. It continues to be my passion and is at the core of my consultation and spiritual counseling services. I now blend Tarot with my extensive Shamanic experience and my ongoing study of all aspects of metaphysical, psychological, and spiritual teachings. From Family Constellations to inner child work, each session is tailored to a client’s individual process and what they are specifically working to achieve. My background allows clients to have choices in how they want to proceed. Their own inner wisdom may guide them to have a Tarot reading, Family Constellation session, or do work with their inner child. I allow our combined intuitions to guide us as we shine a light on the journey forward.


Tarot Readings

Individual Tarot Readings allow me to use my gifts to guide you towards the life you really want.


Family Constellation Work

Family constellations identify and seek resolution of the hidden dynamics within ancestral systems that can result in emotional and physical illness. These unseen forces have the power to entangel us in fates that do not belong to us, fates that date back over generations and can be healed.


Shamanic Services

House Clearings: To create a more harmonious energy in your home or business

Extraction: Removal of energy blockages to promote release and re-balancing

Soul Retrieval: A reintegration of missing parts lost through trauma

Personalized Ceremonies:  to support and aid you in your life and growth

About Vicki


It was 1968 in San Francisco. And I was a child of the times. A whole generation was waking up to new ideas and exploring deeper levels of personal creativity. It was also the beginning of my own evolution.

As part of my exploration, I delved into the world of the metaphysical and received my first deck of Tarot cards. The first time I pulled a card, the ancient symbols seemed to speak to me. It wasn’t long before I recognized that each card was a doorway leading deeper inside a book rich with universal knowledge.

When I sit with a client in the presence of the cards, a multi-dimensional space opens and an intuitive connection is created. This pathway into life and how we unfold as human beings is my constant teacher. In 50+ years embracing and applying the Tarot, I continue to revere it as a connection between the personal and the collective.

This first step propelled me into further discovery. I delved into an array of body/mind modalities, spiritual practices, and academics. Nearly thirty years later, I experienced a spontaneous Shamanic initiation. Today, Shamanism is at the center of my life and all that I do radiates from that center. This has set the stage for my current emersion into Family Constellations, where we explore our inherited patterns and issues, as well as the many gifts those realizations can bestow.



Through her astounding and highly developed intuitive abilities, Vicki can assist you with unveiling many aspects of your soul's mission. If you are open, Vicki will provide you with detailed information that can greatly assist you with seeing some of your brighter life options.

Nanette Notestein - Create the Kingdom, Inc.

Vicki's gifts as a tarot reader are unlike anyone I've ever come across! Her expert and highly experienced ability to interpret and read the cards themselves is one thing, Add to that her unique gift of channeling the energies around the reading, and you've got a power-packed, incredible session for yourself!

Vicki has also taken tarot reading into advanced levels with her family constellation readings and healings, and her shamanic readings. Both (all) I've found to be revealing, powerful, and extraordinarily healing! She can divine the paths of potentiality in your reading and also give full insight into the energies that obstruct your path, thereby facilitating tremendous growth on a personal level. I highly recommend Vicki's work!

Mona Rain Smith -

Vicki is one of the most highly evolved intuitives I have ever met!  Her readings are soulful and accurate, she is caring and intelligent. She is also an amazing tarot teacher!  I highly recommend her.

Brenda Elizabeth Hollander -

Vicki Santell draws from her gifted intuitive skills as well as her profound and scholarly connection to ancient wisdom. She asissts her clients in visioning and opening new pathways for healing themselves, their loved ones, and the planet. I never hesitate to recommend her to my friends and clients.

- Gail Gorelick, BSc, OM - Shamanic Practitioner -

 Working with Vicki has helped me trust my intuition again. She validated that I was making progress at re-thinking and restructuring my value propositions to my clients, even though the "evidence" hasn't shown up as fully as I'd like it to yet. She helped me see which projects need my full attention and which no longer have enough positive energy to move ahead. She validated that the ones I have the most passion about are indeed the ones with the most chance of success. She confirmed that a new potential business partner is genuine and a good person to trust.

Running a small business is challenging. Vicki Santell's unique ability to read it on a deeper level is extraordinarily helpful. Even if you feel that intuitive guidance is a bit too "woo-woo" for your business, I'd encourage you to have a session anyway, and find out for yourself the value you'll derive. I'd pretty much guarantee you'll discover something that helps you find more success and more joy.

JoAnna Brandi Publisher, The Customer Care Coach -